RegistriX can manage and authenticate your audience based on your business requirements.  RegistriX has several modes of controls and the setup is based on your needs:

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  • Data Capture
    • This mode is for Business to Business or Business to Consumer interactions.  This mode allows you to gather an unknown audience member and this is used for the purposes of marketing a product or service, performing online training and many more solutions.
  • White List
    • Get a list of emails or usernames that you want to allow to enter into the system then click on Upload.  The people on this list are then authorized to log into your RegistriX system.
  • Domain Authentication
    • When you are unable get an email list of your employee accounts, use our unique domain authentication.  Only those people that have the valid type of domain name will be allowed to enter into your system.
    • Enable Two-factor email Access code/PIN for tighter security
  • Single Sign On
    • If your employees are logged into your ERP, CRM, Network; RegistriX can validate that the user is allowed into the system without another username / password.  If that user is not currently logged into your system, then the user will be logged into the system with their ERP username password combination, saving that user the frustration of another password.

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