What is a Microsite and how does it help attract customers ?

A microsite is a SAAS (software as a service) application that you sign up online.  The service allows you to create basic webpages without coding experience.  This will save you a lot of time and manpower.  You are then working with your creative department using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. You are able to export the images from the design and the microsite allows you to upload the image.

A microsite may have drag and drop tools and color wheels.  This allows you to set the colors and opacity that matches your companies branding.  Generally you are able to upload your companies or product logo.  The microsite does all the saving of all the digital assets onto its CDN (content delivery network) so these graphics load up quickly for your audience.  The microsite is designed to scale automatically if you have a massive influx of visitors.

Generally microsites have no more than 3 pages that a visitor would navigate.  The microsites are responsive sites designed for Mobile first and then using responsive design the site will support the desktop browsers.  It is extremely important to support mobile phones.  There is no App for the mobile user to download.   The mobile user is able to use the site much like an App with scrollable content and video.

What is causing the explosive growth in microsites ?

The growth in microsites is occurring due to customization to discover your next customer.  Companies are monitor their employees time management.  Sending a customer to your website will rarely result in a sale.  The new customer now has to search around for the content that is important to them.  This searching becomes a level of frustration and then a loss of interest.  Instead a microsite will have only the content that is required for this customer, therefore it speaks to them and they can find the content quickly.  Registrix allows you to use the correct audience engagement microsite

  • Easy to find information
  • Speaks to their specific requirements
  • Branded to their product

What is the best microsite system ?

The Registrix.io live video streaming microsite that was designed to be quick to setup, easy to change the branding, easy to upload brand digital assets such as logos and be agnostic to the video hosting provider.  Registrix.io is focused on Live Streaming, Webinars and access to videos.  The Registrix service has several built in methods of new customer profile attraction, including  Lead Capture, Approved Email Listings, Email Domain authentication and Single Sign On.  This allows you to know your audience, where are they coming from and what devices are they using.  This data in turns helps you to drive your marketing message.

Many of the clients using Registrix are able to setup new events within 5 minutes and create new templates in 5 minutes.  We believe in making our microsite service simple, with enough options that doesn’t overwhelm a project manager.

Isn’t WordPress a microsite ?

It can be argued that it can be. WordPress is the swiss army knife, and it is a powerful CMS (content management system) but here is why we don’t think WordPress makes a great microsite for live streaming:

  • There isn’t a standard way to setup the pages
  • It doesn’t scale
  • There is a learning curve, what is the difference between pages, posts, themes
  • It doesn’t scale to accept all the new incoming attendees
  • Setting up the service and database takes time and requires technical skills
  • It doesn’t scale to handle a large influx of viewers all logging in at the same time
  • You need to have your creative team develop out a webpages
  • It doesn’t scale

Our Conclusion of Microsites !

We believe that microsites will continue to grow and find more opportunities to develop your new business leads.  You can get started with Registrix.io and see how powerful such as service can be bringing in new customers.