A revolution in the business landscape has forced business to change and adapt the changes from the business environment. The changes are changes in customers‟ preferences and behavior, changes in the marketplace and technology. These changes have affected the communication practice of the corporate world as corporate communication plays an important role in creating value to a firm.

Corporate communication refers to a kind of communication which is used for the promotion of a product, services or organization. It can also be used for legal issues or to communicate the information within the organization. Thus, corporate communication is important for a company because it is through communication that an organization make contacts with its customers, suppliers and other elements both internal and external of the organization. On the other hand, corporate communication is very important for a company to create the best corporate reputation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A concept that embraces responsible and ethical corporate behavior and that recognizes that this extends to corporate actions to the environment and to society, is viewed by Executives as being most important for attaining good media coverage and creating a purpose for employees of the workplace.

  • There is relationship between advertising and corporate reputation

  • There is relationship between public relation and corporate reputation.

  • There is relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation.

CSR is a kind of competitive advantages of the company. To prove that, “Numerous prizes and awards are given to companies each year, some of which focus on CSR” (Gardberg and Fombrun, 2006) Therefore, CSR can lead to attract public’s attention or lead to build a corporate reputation. “Much like Hollywood’s Oscar‟, which are designed attract public attention to specific movies, so CSR awards draw media attention to winning companies and create intangible benefits from CSR activities

What we have seen

Risk perception will be a key to obstruct the role of corporate communication practice in building organization’s corporate reputation. This is because most companies are facing in business failure, as they are lack of sufficient knowledge on this field. Most of them dun know how to avoid themselves from corporate communication risks such as behavior risk and environmental risk. Therefore, more information about corporate communication must be provided and obtained in order to build organization’s corporate reputation.

First, company should instill their employees about the correct way to utilize the information of corporate communication. Guideline of corporate communication should be provided for employees to minimize the communication barrier. Finally, it can help companies to build and enhance the corporate reputation. On the other hand, company should strengthen their security skills in order to protect the information of corporate communication from being leaked. As a result, a strong security skill may help the organization build corporate reputation.