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Corporate Live Streaming lo-code microsite platform

Are you seeking out a live streaming solution for your business ?

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  • Works on Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices, Tablets

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I am with a company that is seeking out a solution for the CEO/Senior Management to have a live video stream available to all the employees of the company on their computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This will be a one time event and we don’t want any yearly contracts. We will hire a video production company to come in and provide the video equipment and perform the show run.


I am with a company that is seeking out a corporate live streaming solution for our Town Hall meetings to thousands of our employees. This will happen on a quarter so we want to have an on-demand for employees to come back to and watch if they missed the event. Once in a while, the President will record videos to encourage and remind the troops our corporate goals. We already use IBM Watson or Vimeo or DaCast so it would be great to use their service.


I am a video production company and we have a client that will be having a corporate live stream, and we are seeking a better way other than word press to host the live stream of our corporate clients event. We use the Wowza streaming cloud or we have our own Wowza streaming engine all setup. We need a way to allow only the employees of our client to log into a platform and view the live stream.


Registrix is your lo-code Corporate Live Streaming Microsite Solution

we provide you with all the registration tools to make your corporate live stream event a complete success

The standard participant service allows you to upload from a standard CSV file of email addresses with or without access codes. You have full control of this list of participants. For extra large lists, we have a Mega-Upload feature, which allows you to upload the list and then free up your computer. Once the list is completed, you will be sent an email.

The eTicket participant works with Universe and Eventbrite and more. Sell your tickets on these platforms and the participant data will be transferred to Registrix allowing a smooth buyers experience.

Registrix works with popular live streaming services

or we can provide you the streaming service with low-latency


Video IBM Watson


Vimeo Pro/Enterprise





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We understand how vital your corporate communication messages are to your audience.  We have been working with some of the largest corporate meetings with audience sizes from hundreds to millions.