Project Description

Corporate Video Streaming Microsite Solution


As a company we want to allow only those employees that are in our system, or we have distributors that we only want to access the live stream and video’s that have been created.  We have the list in a excel document or csv file.


Some companies extract the list of emails from their ERP system or Active Directory system.  This list then becomes a CSV file that is uploaded into the RegistriX platform.  Only those accounts will be authenticated to access the RegistriX system.


By extracting a CVS file with email address or usernames, and uploading that into RegistriX, the platform allows just those accounts into the system. The upload can also allow for a PIN or Access code of each person to be assigned at the same time.  You can either use white list with email or white list with email and access code.

The Benefits of Corporate Video Streaming Microsite

This method is used for tight control of login accounts.

The standard participant service allows you to upload from a standard CSV file of email addresses with or without access codes.  You have full control of this list of participants.  For extra large lists, we have a Mega-Upload feature, which allows you to upload the list and then free up your computer.  Once the list is completed, you will be sent an email.

The eTicket participant works with Universe and Eventbrite.  Sell your tickets on these platforms and the participant data will be transferred to Registrix allowing a smooth buyers experience.

Results of using Registrix as your Corporate Video Streaming Solution

Allows your company the ability to secure your live stream video audience









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