Project Description

Get valuable analytic data about our attendees


Using Youtube live, Facebook live or other live video streaming solutions do you provide you with a listing of who actually watched your presentation.  These services provide you information about how many viewers where online at that moment in your presentation, but they don’t tell you WHO was online.


Setting up one of our Audience Capture modes with RegistriX will capture that unique individual.  If the company wants to setup an all employees on deck meeting, but cannot extract a list from your active directory system, then use our Domain Authentication mode.  This will operate much like a white list of email addresses that can log into the system.


RegistriX allows you to toggle the amount of information about what data you want captured during the live broadcast.  After the event is over, you can then download this list for your data analysis.  Each user can be tracked to the moment they logged on, to how many minutes they watched the presentation, as well as any of the past presentations that they watched.

The Data

The data that is collected is based on your requirements

Registrix’s data is your own.  We do not perform any marketing or resell of your data.  We have many different CSV downloads for your to export the information and then to apply it into your own BI tool or Microsoft Excel.  We have many visual representation of the data that has been collected to help you understand how your attendees have reacted.


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