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Latest Articles About Live Streaming

Setting up Zoom for Registrix

How to setup the Registrix in order to use the Zoom Meetings The Zoom Webinar platform is the industry leader in webinars. There are limitations depending on which zoom service you are subscribed

Zoom Web Limitations

Zoom Join by Browser Limitations Break out rooms are not available Spotlight Presenter is not available Apple Safari will not allow Audio mic to be used IOS Safari will not allow Audio Mic

Configuring Universe and Registrix

Overview of Registrix to Universe Configuration The Universe platform allows you to sell online tickets for events and be able to promote the selling of the tickets on the Universe Platform as well

Getting Vimeo Video ID

Getting the Vimeo Video ID and Apply it into Registrix - The best Microsite Live Streaming Platform This guide will outline how to setup the Vimeo service as a Live Streaming Provider

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Adding Permissions to Events2020-10-31T00:35:05+00:00

Click on Events, Live Events or On Demand, Select the edit gear of the event.  On the bottom tab is the Permissions, open that accordian, and select what groups have the right to see the event.  Then click on Update

Approved List Mode2020-10-31T00:37:46+00:00
Understanding Domain Security2020-10-31T00:30:02+00:00
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