Selling Merchandise on Registrix with Shopify

Setting up a collection of items to sell online that directly relates to your live stream event is a great way to make additional revenue. From books to coffee cups to shirts its all about your fans.  Registrix now supports the Shopify Buy Button method of selling a single item or a collection of items, without having the viewer leave the Registrix platform.

Why sell Merch during your live event

If a fan buys your product and wears it often, chances are people will ask them about it.

But it has to be a high-quality product. “If you’re selling merchandise, that’s real-estate that you now have on your fans, who are walking around and promoting your brand,” Zack says. “But if you create something low quality, then they’re only going to wear it once or twice.”

The more someone wears your merch or pulls out your product to show others how amazing it is, the more exposure you get. So make merch worth showing off to generate more word-of-mouth buzz.

Be sure to be wearing or using some of the products that you have on the Registrix watch page.  Select just the items that you want know they want for your event.

Why use Shopify and Registrix

Shopify is one of the top tiered software services that is used to sell merchandise online.  Their service is used to generate billions of dollars of online sales every year.  Using the power of Shopify and communications of Registrix  is a match made for increasing revenue of your live streaming event.

To setup the service takes about 5 minutes with copying from Shopify and pasting it into Registrix live-streaming microsite platform.

Registrix has a support article that explains step by step the process to go thru in order to perform the 5 minute steps to get your merchandise in front of your viewers.

How do I start to use Registrix

To discover more about  what services Registrix has to offer, contact us today about a product demo and we will get you live streaming today !