The final mile to attendee live streaming

You are a live streaming production company that is having an outstanding year streaming too many different platforms.  Life is good, but are you leaving money on the table.  That final mile of delivering the video to the attendee.  What if there was a way that you could be the platform that you close more deals on and with a new source of revenue.

The Benefits of Live Streaming

Live Streaming is not going away anytime soon.  Even if in person events all are started and underway, these same events will be running hybrid events as many people just don’t want the hassle of traveling.  It could be that they are too busy, lack paperwork, or are just plain fearful.

Your production company has invested thousands of dollars into cameras, switchers, encoders, training, people, lighting and so on, and so on.  All of these are equipment sales that have a limited life expectation and you need to pull in every dollar you can to get the return on the investment.  I get it, I have invested in thousands of thousands of dollars into Tricaster, Sony, only to have each item eventually lose out in the spec requirement list.  That is why you have to work hard and fast to get this equipment to payoff quickly.

But, what about the attendee.  Where will the attendee watch this live stream.  Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, out of these platforms, you find that you cannot completely control the access of the audience or its branding and colors to reflect what the client wants.

Creating your own site

Many corporate or event people want to have a gated platform where only the audience that is authorized, pays for, or gives up something of value in order to be part of the live stream event.  Let’s setup a wordpress site with a membership plugin, problem solved, and hosted with a $6.99 shared server.

CRASH, Boom, “Jon, people are not logging in”, “Cheryl the website has crashed”, bring it back online NOW !

The success of your livestream is now failed….  Sure you streamed the event out, but the attendee website crashed, therefore no-one was able to watch your project.  Sorry thats failure, and this hurts.  Now you are working on dealing with refunding the attendees, the client wants a refund, and you now swear to be out of the business of the final mile, next time streaming on IBM Watson or  Vimeo.

The next event you start looking to these larger companies and what solutions they provide for this one time event.  Neither of them are willing to take a single event, they want year long contracts for just the one client project.

The Great Gated Platform

Now you’ve heard of Registrix from another video production group, and start to look into it and discover, really, it can do that.

  • One off-event, Yes!
  • No yearly contracts, Yes!
  • Complete Branding control and colors, Yes!
  • Your client custom URL, Yes!
  • You can upload a list of attendee emails, Yes!
  • You can use Vimeo Pro, or IBM Watson Video Stream, or DaCast, or Wowza, Yes!
  • Registrix can provide a one off event streaming server, Yes!
  • Registrix has been load tested by a third party company that can handle 3,000 connections per second, Yes!
  • You can upsell the package to your client, Yes!

Corporate Live Streaming – Marketing Live Streaming Events

Registrix has been designed to solve the unique problems that live streaming platforms require.  Namely scalability, customization, client branding and easy to use. Really in that order.  Registrix from the start was designed with security in mind.  We have a unique field level encryption on certain fields such as email, userid and others in order to achieve corporate and governmental compliance. The server system is setup in a load balanced configuration so if one server goes down, another spins up and the attendees are automatically routed to that new server without interruption.  The platform was designed with the branding manager in mind, so our we use color pickers and drag and drop controls for image uploads.  We wanted a platform that is very easy to use and we have achieved that.

One of our clients was able to load a list that had leading zeros in the account id and was able to upload that data successfully into Registrix without the need for any IT support.  We where very excited to see this all work.

The best way for your to understand Registrix is to get your own demo of our platform.  Fill out the information below and give us your feedback.

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