Free Floating license with Registrix
  • Need a livestream system that will not allow sharing of credentials.

  • The viewer should be able to log in at the office and mobile device.

  • I need a system that will report the viewers that have multiple logins.

  • This needs to be easy to setup !

So all I have to do is enable the FFL and Registrix will then only allow one login per account ?

Yes !

The way we have developed the FFL (Free Floating License) is the software will allow the viewer to login at their desk in the office. If the viewer needs to log in on their phone and leave the office, then the viewer will pickup their mobile device, log into the site, and start watching. Within 15 seconds, the desk computer’s screen will then automatically be logged out of Registrix.


Myself and Rudy decided to start adding in this feature as I was once involved in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Industry. This was something that the clients back then wanted. So we started to add this into our system, after talking about the HOW it should work and we decided that it would be best to always allow the new connection and disconnect any prior connections. After we had this done and tested in our labs, our white label client asked us that a major music company had a requirement for the musical act at a live event that was to be streamed. Out of all the other big corporations out there, all of which said we can do it, but Registrix was the ONLY platform that actually demonstrated it to work.

A few weeks later, we were awarded that project and this feature worked out perfectly with the 1,300,000+ online viewers that watched globally.

We even was able to provide the client those email addresses that where considered an infraction.

only one viewer per event

If the viewer shared their credentials, that viewer would be annoyed as they would be forced exited out of the software as the other viewer using that account would log in.

If you require this level of security, Registrix is the platform for you.