Registrix has Universe Ticket Sales Paywall

On Feb 2, 2021, The Registrix platform has made a release update that includes the full API and Webhook support of the Universe Ticketing Platform.  This exciting new feature is available for all current and new customers of the Registrix platform at no addition fees.

About Universe

The Universe platform allows you to sell online tickets for events and be able to promote the selling of the tickets on the Universe Platform as well as getting Universe Widgets and be able to sell tickets on other websites. Once everything is configured correctly, then every ticket sale that occurs, no matter from what site, the ticket holders information will then be sent to the Registrix platform. That viewer would be able to log into Registrix about 30 seconds after the sale.

You get the best of both worlds: Universe maintain a small-business feel, with the global resources and reach of a fortune 500 industry leader Live Nation Entertainment. Led by Michael Rapino, Live Nation hosts 35,000 concerts, more than 100 festivals, and sells over 500 million tickets annually through Ticketmaster.

With the Universe being powered by Live Nation/Ticketmaster your online ticketing platform can be promoted within the Live Nation/Ticketmaster services.

Now with Registrix, you can easily host your own Live Streaming Microsite and have instant data communication for your Ticketed Attendees.

This ticketing solution has become the best in class and most effective method to performing Live Streaming Events.

About Registrix

Registrix is a self service microsite platform that allows production clients the ability to customize their site for the purpose of live streaming events.  Registrix solves the complexities of allowing only your audience that is permitted onto the site in an easy to use application.