Selling tickets using Eventbrite and live stream the event on Registrix

on April 3, Registrix microsite platform performed a release update that now includes the full API and Webhook services.   This accomplishment allows the selling of online tickets using Eventbrite and the ticket holders logging into Registrix in real time.  This exciting new service is available for all current and new customers of Registrix.  There is no additional fee to use this feature.

About Eventbrite

It is really easy to use Eventbrite to market events and with endless features.  Eventbrite provides and amazing mobile toolset that allows organizers to manage event attendance and the amount of reports to help you understand the ticket sale progress is outstanding.  All of their reports can be run against any time period and exported to Microsoft Excel.

Using the feature rich API and the robust Webhook in the developer toolset is the reason that Registrix decided to add the service.  After connecting the service together, your purchased attendees are able to instantly log into Registrix and start interacting with your event.

What is the benefit for using Registrix with Eventbrite

One of our clients that have started using the module is extremely pleased with the ability to add the Buy button on any website and sell tickets everywhere, and have it all link back into Registrix.

Many ticket purchasers are using the Eventbrite mobile app to make their purchases, plus they trust Eventbrite so the ticket purchase resistance is removed and with the real time data transfer, the attendee can log right into Registrix.

Contact us and let’s get you started on using Registrix with Eventbrite.

About Registrix

Registrix is a self service microsite platform that allows production clients the ability to customize their site for the purpose of live streaming events.  Registrix solves the complexities of allowing only your audience that is permitted onto the site in an easy to use application.