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RegistriX can manage and authenticate your audience for live streaming video hosting .  RegistriX has several modes of audience engagement based on your business need.  You can build a live video streaming solution in minutes using your Branding, your Colors, your Logo.  We have clients that can build a Microsite in less than 15 minutes.

Data Capture Video Streaming Hosting

    • When you are looking to capture information about the person that wants to consume your live stream, or video stream, Registrix can capture the information that you are seeking.  We also allow you to setup Radio Buttons, Check Boxes and Open Text Messaging fields. Data capture has never been so easy to setup before.
    • An awesome new feature of Registrix is that we can capture the URL Query Strings for streaming video hosting. This allows you to trace back this potential audience member to your CRM or what website they came from in your marketing messages.  How many other Live Streaming Video Hosting systems can do this.
    • All the data is downloaded to a CSV file for you to import into your favorite CRM.
Lead Capture Login Screen for Video Hosting

Approved List of Emails for Live Streaming Video Hosting

    • Get a list of emails or usernames that you want to allow to enter into the system then click on Upload.  The people on this list are then authorized to log into your RegistriX system.  You can replace the entire list or append with new entries.

Live Streaming Hosting using Domain Authentication for Audience Generation

    • When you are unable get an email list of your employee accounts, use our unique domain authentication.  Only those people that have the valid type of domain name will be allowed to enter into your system
    • Enable Two-factor email Access code for tighter security
    • Fast, Easy to setup

Single Sign On Live Streaming Video Hosting Services

    • If your employees are logged into your ERP, CRM, Network, Active Directory RegistriX can validate that the user is allowed into the system without another username / password.
    • One location to manage User Accounts
    • Employees use the same Username/Password Combination
    • Currently working with Okta, Microsoft Active Direction, Ping Federation, One Login, Microsoft 365, Registrix can work with other Providers

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RegistriX, no coding, no servers, your data

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Registrix is built with love in Austin and Tampa.    We are available during Central Time Zone 8am to 5pm (M-F) for consultation about your project.  Our extended support staff is available 24hrs.


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We understand how vital your corporate communication messages are to your audience.  We have been working with some of the largest corporate meetings with audience sizes from hundreds to 3.2 million accounts.

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