Audience Engagement.  Made Easy.

Registrix has several methods to allow only your audience to engage with your videos or live streaming.

You want to put on a Corporate Communication live stream to all your employee’s worldwide.  You discover that many webinar services only allow up to 250 viewers to login and watch, but you have 5,000 employees.  Registrix solves this problem.

Registrix allows for unlimited* viewers to access the live stream, from 100 to 3.2 million, our platform handles the viewers.  Developed with first in class Amazon Web Services with auto-scaling, Registrix handles the volumes.

But wait, there’s more.


Authentication Modes .  Best in Class

Registrix can authenticate the audience with different modes

  • Lead Capture with Enrollment
  • Approved Participants
  • eTicket Participants
  • Domain Authentication
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Each of our different modes allow you to capture the audience depending on your requirements.

No matter the mode use, we capture the audience attention and report back to you regarding video metrics, no matter the live stream or video hosting provider.  While the video hosting  services can provide you with metrics about where the video started, ended, paused, play locations, these services cannot identify the audience member to the time watched, or what video that was played.


Pick your live stream or video hosting provider.  We work with them all

Registrix has been used on IBM Watson Media, Livestream, Vimeo, Wowza, Dacast, Stream Monkeys, YouTube, Facebook.  You select your video hosting service.

Each of the hosting providers bring some unique qualities to their platform.  Many of them have excellent video hardware that integrates into their platform.  We can even integrate Registrix into their platforms and have a one stop shop.

live event streaming hosting

Single Sign On (SSO). ADFS. SAML Oh My

If your company already has implemented SAML authentication, Registrix is right up their with you.  From ADFS, Office 365 to OKTA, PingOne, PingFederated, OneLogin and more, we keep developing for the different SSO services that are available.  Therefore your viewers don’t need to memorize another username password login combination.

As more identity providers are moving to the cloud base for authentication, Registrix can be added as a provider and your viewers can just enter a URL and be automatically authenticated.  Depending on the system and setups, Registrix can provider group memberships to access the videos.


Reach Thousands Of Viewers

Data Capture allows your client the ability to find new customers by hosting web casts about your product, you can collect emails, phone, name, address and that stuff